April 8 Solar Eclipse/Aries New Moon

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” A young girl feeding birds in winter”. “Overcoming crises through compassion”; these are symbols connected with tonight’s Lunation in Aries, which is a total solar eclipse spanning over the American continent from the Pacific Ocean, up through Mexico, USA, and out through Canada and vanishing into the Atlantic but affecting all of us on […]

PLUTO in Aquarius

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Waking up on the 22nd of January 2024 with the sun rising and separating from its’ yearly conjunction with Pluto in the first degree of Aquarius, it feels like we’re in a new world. And yes, feeling follows thought, or is it the other way around? If we break it down to letter coding of […]

Venus turning retrograde on July 23

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Venus going retrograde on July 23, 2023 These coming days leading up to the station of Venus as she turns retrograde on the 23 of July are charged with the reckoning and harnessing of power. Analysing this particular chart we can see four major constellations; the grand cross, Sun; Pluto, North and South Lunar node. […]

Jupiter’s ingress to Taurus

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Jupiter’s ingress to Taurus on May 16, 2023, at 17.20 UT We are in such a turn of events this spring. So much is coming to the surface along with the many beautiful flowers in bloom and the singing birds wherever nature thrives. Yes, the power of Taurus, fixed earth sign ruled by Venus, the […]

Solar Eclipse and Kirtan Kriya Meditation

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We are coming into a time of very intensive shifts of energy as we’re approaching the Hybrid Solar Eclipse/New Moon of April 19-20. This is partly because of Pluto, the lord of the underworld, is in a hard 90-degree angle to the Sun/Moon, as he is standing on the very first degree of Aquarius. Pluto […]

Out of Water into the Fire

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There has been a lot of influence from the element of water (feelings) lately. The impact of Saturn, the structuring principle, in the landscape of Pisces, or shall I say the oceans, is profound and will be felt by all of us during the coming three years. Pisces has to do with institutions, hospitals, prisons, […]

Mercury turns direct

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These times are truly amazing. Today, Mercury, the messenger halts and turns direct again. What does that mean. What happened during the past three weeks when Mercury was retrograde? Well, for one thing there was a strong bond to Mars/warrior/will-power, who has filled his quiver with arrows and is ready to shoot out information that […]

The Healing Power of Love

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There is an amazing row of celestial events taking place in October through December that has caught my eye. On Oct 2 Mercury turned direct again in his own domicile Virgo giving us a green light to move on with things that were properly digested and reevaluated to create health and to ground us with […]

Out of the Ashes into the Light

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In these times of great upheaval and change it is so beautiful to see the celestial movements. The dance of the planets (wanderers) against the starry canopy of myths and legends foretelling the wisdom of the ages. The upcoming Lunar eclipse on Monday or Sunday depending on where you live is the yearly Wesak-celebration of […]


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