Music has always been in my Life.
I had influences from my father who sang and loved Swedish “Schnapps-songs”, the famous songwriters/artists Evert Taube 20th century and Bellman 18th century.
But also from my Mother and her mother as music was played and shared in their homes.

Growing up in the 70’s there was so much great music released. I was privileged and able to buy vinyl records.
The Beatles, Cat Stevens and Neil Young to name a few of my teachers, influences and great inspirations.

I’ve been writing a lot of songs through the years. I’ve been performing at private parties from the age of 11. With my band Handin’ Heart I performed a number of public appearances between the years 2000-2007.

I have written new songs from 2013 when I met the love of my life, Magdalena. These songs have a more hopeful tone but also display the challenges in life I have encountered during the years up till now. Magdalena has been very much part of this journey and she has contributed in the shaping of these new creations.

My music is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Rhapsody, Deezer and Tidal!

As of today, Feb 7 2020, we’re releasing a new album. The beginning of a sequence of EP’s under the name Voice of Hope