As I turned 50 in the summer of 2013 my whole world started to crumble.

Long before had I seen the changes inevitable during this period due to my astrological knowledge of the Cardinal Crunch that hit so hard in my chart, but I had no idea of its’ proportions. In a conversation with my identical Twin in 2011 I wrote:

  • Anders Asker

    Looking ahead I know things are gonna change for us. Maybe neither one of us will be able to hold on to our marriages. I will sure give a try. How about you?

  • Thomas Asker

    27/05/2011 17:56

    Thomas Asker

    It’s all about Izzy. I will try everything to keep it together. Kinda like Schwarzenegger…

    Me and Madeleine applied for divorce in September 2013 after 20 years of marriage.
    I stepped right into a relationship with Magdalena and some 11 songs have been written since describing this journey of love, of loss and new beginnings.

    Eventually these will be properly recorded and released in some form, but right now there’s only a rough sample of two of them here. This was the first: Two Horses. Written on July 20 2013.