For information on where I’m currently teaching yoga, click this link.

I have been practicing yoga in different forms since 1991 and became a certified teacher in 2006. Since then  my specialty has been the Rocket, a vinyasa yoga based in Ashtanga but modernized with a high intensity of sequencing many different poses and introducing advanced asanas to all students, wherever they may be in there personal practice.
The alignment of the body in all these different postures in combination with conscious breathing has amazing effects on our well-being. This is a healing tool more readily accepted than astrology but they both work with the development of consciousness in time and space,  alignment and enlightenment.

I was a studio-owner of It’s Yoga Stockholm 2009-2013. I helped to launch another studio, Yogansa, in October 2014, which I am still committed to. Today I’m freelancing as a Rocket-, Hatha- and Power-Yoga teacher in and around Stockholm.

Music was my first love. I started to play guitar when I was nine and wrote my first song around 16.
Recently I’ve been writing a number of new songs on a much higher vibe because of my newfound love in Magdalena. Sometimes I sing and play while people rest in Savasana.