The reasons to why we’re flying is our ability to unite. Right now Mars and Venus are walking together in a dance that is most rare because it’s stretches over a period of two and a half months. It begun at the end of January and is separating in mid April.

These two planets symbolize the combination of passion and attraction, the ego and the heart, the integration of masculine and feminine forces that are the natural ingredients of love. This dance begun in the sign of Capricorn, a sign where Mars is strong and disciplined and Venus traditionally have to barter for her love by delivering hard work. But Capricorn also has a connection to the God Pan and how he transformed himself into a Dolphin after running into Typhon in the woods, escaping death by jumping into the Nile and shapeshifting.

The same story is repeated with Venus and her son Cupid. They also fled the monster by jumping into the sea and transforming into two Fishes connected by a ribbon as not to lose each other, thus symbolizing the unconditional love that ties us throughout eternity. This picture relates to the 12th sign of Pisces with the two fishes swimming in different directions, one to the Sun, the other to the Moon. Two directions always suggests the pull between desire and our higher will. And the reason why Venus is exalted in Pisces is the fact that we move beyond polarities when we come to the of the journey that the 12th sign symbolizes. These myths can easily be mirrored in what’s going on in the world today.

Dual forces are doing there best to split and separate people, families and friends. But the dance of Mars and Venus is doing the opposite. On the upcoming New Moon in Pisces on the 2nd of March, the two Luminaries are conjoining with Jupiter, a symbol of wisdom, who also is applying to the conjunction with Neptune, symbolizing Oneness (exact on April 12). This can truly open up the hearts and minds of people in order for us to understand how we are all connected, whether by invisible cords or actual contracts, and that humanity will never survive as a whole if we don’t understand the underlying structures (Capricorn), the rule of the people (Aquarius), true democracy, and the dissolution of borders that have been created by unelected, invisible powers.

To understand the picture fully, see how Vesta, Venus and Mars aligns with Pluto, which in itself symbolizes a focused harmonization of destroying the corrupt structures in our establishments in the world, and how these planets also control the Lunars Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. These nodes, the Dragon’s head in Taurus and the Dragon’s tail in Scorpio, forces us collectively to come to a closure of our frightening memories of having the rug pulled out under our feet at any time and thus not have a secure life. We have literally walked through the fires of hell in order to burn away false values, so that we now can build up a new set of values that we can live by founded on honesty, openness and truth.

The North Node/Dragon’s head is travelling through Taurus over the next 18 months, teaches us about the abundance of the Universe as long as we take on a responsible approach about our personal and global resources. This is also the sign where Gautama Buddha left his blessing, showing us a passage from several lives of war to the Garden of Peace.

To get the full picture of this upcoming Lunation we are reminded of the ongoing Uranus-Saturn square representing a struggle between father and son, limitation and revolt. In the New Moon chart Mercury, the messenger, is in a tight conjunction with Saturn, passing on the caution and restriction as well as responsible action for the people, for humanity.

Now, while we are moving through the most turbulent shift in the history of our civilization, the media is trying to move our attention to the alleged conflict in Ukraine, away from the enormous protests that are going on unreported by the same mainstream media in Canada, New Zeeland, Hong Kong (China), Australia, Austria, and many, many more countries. These protest are peaceful but the limelight is on war.

February comes from ‘februum’ to purify, and with both Saturn, Mercury and the asteroids Juno and Astrea in Aquarius we are reminded of how the wise man with the pitcher of sweetened or purified water is standing with one foot in the water, thus having compassion, while pouring it into the mouth of the Fish or Fomalhaut, one of the four watchers/royal stars of Persia, symbolizing the birth of Christ i.e. spiritual development and the raising of consciousness to a higher, 5 D dimension.

I am always blown away by the accuracy of these old myths and how its’ star lore is playing out again in our very lives. As above, so below. Pisces rules the feet and we do need to stand strong against the tyranny and power abuse that’s been going on for so long without the awareness of the majority of mankind. I pray for all my brothers and sisters so that we may reach a better understanding of the concept of Oneness and build a better and more peaceful world for all of us.
In true spirit and with unconditional love,

Illustration by Cameron Gray,