Rocket Immersion 2019

As a regular student to Anders’s yoga classes it was with great interest and curiosity that I decided together with my husband to join the Rocket Immersion Retreat in May 2019. And what an inspiring and changing experience that was!

Looking back 6 months later: during the 2.5 days retreat, not only did we improve our Yoga technique through regular practice sessions and workshops, we also deepened our meditation technique, learned more about the philosophy of yoga, about how yoga and meditation can help us become better versions of ourselves to live a fulfilling life and prioritize what really matters in today’s always hectic, always connected and hyperactive society.  We’ve met wonderful and inspiring practitioners, we’ve made new friends, built unique memories all in a cozy atmosphere with positive energy, humor and music.

A BIG thanks to Anders and his team for organizing this retreat by putting their heart, soul, time and energy in everything around it. I can only say I look forward to the upcoming retreat!

Ana Chiritescu Senior Pre-Sales Technical Consultant.


It was such a treat to take part in the Rocket Immersion Retreat in May 2019! A great experience, starting from the practices of Rocket Yoga, meditation, philosophy discussions and chanting to the amazing teachers, hosts, food and location. A true all-inclusive experience for your body, mind and soul! So thankful to Anders, Magdalena and Johan , our hosts and all the other participants for making it a memorable event and looking forward to the next one!

Alex Chiritescu Senior IT Consultant.


En intensiv, rolig helg med massor av lärdomar för både kropp och själ. En bra mix av allt man kan tänka sig inom yogan. Asana praktik och workshops med härliga Anders samt filosofi och självutvecklande timmar med underbara Magdi. Kvällarna avslutades med mys och sång. Maten är underbar och helande och platsen är avslappnande och vacker. Rekommenderar starkt vare sig du är nybörjare eller erfaren praktikant. En underbar upplevelse att ge till sig själv eller spendera med nära och kära.

Verena Grahn Yogalärare och Site responsible på fitness24seven


Anders brings so much joy and energy intro the practice, making it very fun and challenging at the same time.
Magdalena’s teachings is all about becoming more true to yourself, and questioning your own concepts and patterns to be less run by the ego, and be more in charge of your life.
Rebecka is a very experienced teacher and she taught us alignment and provided additional insights on each of the asanas. 

Together they created a space that was very welcoming, encouraging and stimulating.
with love 

Miriam Sundholm, Management consult, yoga teacher, 2019