These times are truly amazing. Today, Mercury, the messenger halts and turns direct again. What does that mean. What happened during the past three weeks when Mercury was retrograde?

Well, for one thing there was a strong bond to Mars/warrior/will-power, who has filled his quiver with arrows and is ready to shoot out information that has been gathered ever since August.

Mercury is nailing the 9th degree of Capricorn. A picture that belongs to this degree is “an Angel carrying a Harp”. Could there be harmonious ways of delivering the sermon, the revelation of what has truly been going on in the power structures of our world?

Maybe to some extent. Right now the Sun is traveling through the last degrees of Capricorn where Pluto, the lord of the underworld, is making his slow passage out of the sign. This is big, this is cleansing, or like we’re moving through the grips of the abductor. We all do our own digging in the dirt. What we bring up is seen in the awakened consciousness of the Aquarian Man. And what we can see with our eyes closed is make belief.

It is slowly dawning on humanity that there has been a lot of make belief coming down from the upper pyramid, from the two towers (Gemini), from the not so different (main stream) media platforms.

Change is upon us and we are guided by the light within. Listen to the messenger. The free world is dawning.