Waking up on the 22nd of January 2024 with the sun rising and separating from its’ yearly conjunction with Pluto in the first degree of Aquarius, it feels like we’re in a new world. And yes, feeling follows thought, or is it the other way around?

If we break it down to letter coding of Pluto’s meaning we get Peace, Love, Unity, Truth, Oneness. To bring those concepts to Aquarius, the collective sign that stands for freedom, liberation, equality or democracy, but even more; brotherhood, humanitarianism, and of course; science, technology, aviation and bridges will put us through a sort of a whirlwind in our lives and the world. The change from earth (Capricorn) to air (Aquarius) definitely speeds things up.

The way Pluto bounces in and out of Aquarius/Capricorn jolts us into the seemingly unknown future. But the rapid awakening amongst humanity that is fueled by Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) passage through Taurus, the sign of banks/money/values, and the subsequent meeting of Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus on the 21st of April, takes us into an amazing row of events that will totally electrify and light up the world for all to see.

We will of course go through these changes in different ways, depending on where you are in your internal work, (remember the old adage: Man, know thyself and thou shalt know the secrets of the gods, and the mysteries of the universe). Change is inevitable. Pluto will spend 20 – 21 years in Aquarius. It fills my heart with joy that we will experience this enormous transformation of the collective side by side, and that the higher perception of the mind/heart fusion will open the doors to a much more peaceful place to inhabit.

We are the stewards of our ship, a great space ship called Gaia, and suddenly we start to see things that were not seen before. Which brings us to Saturn’s chase of Neptune in Pisces, the sign of illusion, conclusion, syntheses that rules over institutions.

The future will bring many challenges but also blessings. Blessed be the peace-makers. Blessings dear fellow human beings! Celebrate the birth of a new world.