Vishuddha Chakra

There has been a lot of influence from the element of water (feelings) lately. The impact of Saturn, the structuring principle, in the landscape of Pisces, or shall I say the oceans, is profound and will be felt by all of us during the coming three years.

Pisces has to do with institutions, hospitals, prisons, ashrams, and the two major religions that have developed during the past 2000 years; Christianity, and then Islam. This is also the sign that give birth to prophets, seers, mediums, martyrs, actors, musicians, healers, photographers and filmmakers.

Everybody can start to feel how the script is changing. Nothing is like it used to be and yet we want to understand the anima mundi/world soul as Saturn is starting to question our institutions and the philosophies they are built upon.

This week heralds the spring equinox as the sun enters Aries on Monday, followed by the Aries new Moon 20 hours later, and then on Thursday March 23, 2023 Pluto enters Aquarius.

I would love to convey all the enormous implications of these celestial events, but it’s not possible in a few paragraphs. I think that people are starting to sense, that the old world as it has been, is crumbling. No matter how hard governments are trying to get us to rally up against e.g. Russia and send more weapons to Ukraine, people on the street do not want war, they want peace and harmony and food on the table.

Aries ingress of Sun

Looking at the chart of the equinox, Ceres, the grain goddess, is opposing the Sun from the sign of Libra, emphasizing the importance of cooperation regarding food production and harvest.  Furthermore, she is in a grand trine with Pluto, the lord of the underworld, the great transformer a la Shiva or Kali, and with Sedna, the deep ocean goddess, who went through such pains and sorrows before she morphed into that very emphatic being who is at one with the deep sea and all its creatures, especially the mammals like whales, seals and dolphins. This means, that we can go really deep, acknowledging the sufferings of mankind through history, bring it to the surface in order to heal.

A grand trine harmonizes and channels the energies of these different archetypes. It is also interesting how the last degree of Capricorn, where Pluto is, has a picture related to it that reads: A secret meeting of men responsible for executive decisions in world affairs.

This energy pattern ties in with the Sun at zero degrees Aries, which in itself is a symbol of birth, of fire and courage to charge forth with that Martian drive that won’t stop for anything.

The Moon in Pisces on the equinox, is reminding us of the flow, the melting and dissolution of borders and limitations. And as Neptune picks up the midpoint between Sun and Moon, we know how important his energy is; the cloaking of things, of truths, that’s been so prevalent the past three years, is being dismantled by both our collective and individual consciousness as we begin to understand and use this Neptunian energy on a higher frequency.

There is quite a traffic of planets and asteroids travelling through Aries during the first four months of 2023. In the chart, we see the Sun, Mercury, Chiron, Astrea, Jupiter, Vesta and Eris, all in Aries. These archetypes display great courage and a willingness to go forward, no matter what.

Mars, the god of war, the ruler of Aries, is now in the last degrees of Gemini, opposing the Galactic Centre and is creating a hard aspect to the Sun. We’re bound to see some action and a lot of words of information or fierce communication. Ultimately, he becomes a channel and expresses the urges of all those gods and goddesses mentioned above, which also can be viewed as different aspects of our psyche.

Yes, Mars is out of bounds, willing to go over board to create conflict, but looking at the chart for Greenwich on the zero meridian you will see Venus, goddess of Love, sitting on the 7th house cusp in Taurus, her own domain, ever willing to strike a deal and create harmony with the opponent or counterpart, spouse etc. That is also where the Dragon’s head/north lunar node is, and that’s the evolutionary path we are all taking right now. Remember Taurus connects with the garden of peace where our beloved Gautama Buddha left his blessing.

Even if Uranus, also in Taurus, is stirring up the rebel force, creating volatile situations, he is foremost preparing us for the new awakening of our intuitive powers so much needed in these early stages of the age of Aquarius.

There will be two new moons in Aries this year. One on March 21st, the second one on April 20th, which is a solar eclipse. They are like two starting points in a row that aligns you with your will power and seeding force. The road that leads us there is filled with fire. Let that fire come from your heart.

Happy new year through the 12 signs and houses of the zodiac! The planets are the wanderers just as you and I wanders through our particular earthly life in this time and space. As above, so below. Let’s make the journey joyous and peaceful!


Author with dear friend and host Caroline (middle) in Dar Es Salaam and beloved fiancé and muse Magdalena