It’s Such a powerful start of this lunar cycle. We can do great work now as both Mars and Saturn are strengthened and much more serving the community when they travel thru Capricorn. Do take on your challenges and put one foot down at a time, walking steady towards your goals. Of course this is also enforced by both Jupiter’s (expansion) and Pluto’s (destruction/transformation) presence in Capricorn.

On the 26th of Feb Sun and Mercury retrograde met in their inferior conjunction in Pisces. What did the angels of Mercury whisper in your ear. Even if Mercury traditionally can be missing the point or be lost in the waters of feeling losing his accuracy. It is a great time for fantasy and dreaming. If your sensitive you will hear his message and get clear upon your vision. Neptune, who’s further in to the sign, is steadily sending us waves of love and spiritual understanding if we chose to take the road lesser traveled by, not giving in to illusion.

Lastly I’ve had the privilege to see the beautiful meeting of Moon and Venus in the west in the evening sky. They are both in Aries, the sign of courage, and so is Chiron, the wounded healer, giving us ample opportunity to heal the inner child. So there is a wonderful mixing of collective energies with individual impulse to feel our way around the corner of the equinox, that’s coming up in three weeks.

The leap year gives us an extra day in Feb, another reason to celebrate and to channel the energies of Pisces for this great symbolic mountain expedition we’re on in 2020.