at Leva Studios June 2022

We are coming into a time of very intensive shifts of energy as we’re approaching the Hybrid Solar Eclipse/New Moon of April 19-20.

This is partly because of Pluto, the lord of the underworld, is in a hard 90-degree angle to the Sun/Moon, as he is standing on the very first degree of Aquarius.

Pluto will transit this first degree, the cusp of the sign, four more times until he finally enters Aquarius again at the end of 2024 for a 20-year transit through the whole sign.

This going back and forth resembles a wrecking ball destroying structures (Capricorn) e.g.  establishment, governments, big corporations and so forth, that are not built on truth, in order to pave the way and prepare for the rebirth of the ideals connected with Aquarius. The last time this happened was 1778 – 1798, in that time we saw the French revolution, July 14 1789, with the manifestation of liberty, equality and brotherhood.

In fact, the birth of America, the declaration of independence and what followed, was very much part of that beginning or birth of a new world, a world that many of us dream to manifest these ideals as a part of our everyday life. Thus, we need to stay strong and united. We all have tools within us to create peace.

One such tool is the Kirtan Kriya Meditation. This technique of chanting mantras, high frequency coded words together with live instruments, such as the guitar, has the ability to calm the mind, cleanse the chakras, heal and hence slow down the aging process of the physical body

Welcome to join us at Alvanda Studio Kirtan Kriya Meditation, April 22, 16.00

Shanti, shanti, shanti