Many people are raising questions about what’s morally or ethically right in this pandemic situation.

A new world is being born and the resistance is always strongest just before the break through.
In the past week the energies in Capricorn have been so strong and palpable, as the Moon passed over Pallas, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. CAP is a super pragmatic, ambitious sign that strives for control, structure and leadership. But Saturn, who belongs here (ruler of the sign) is now on the very last degree, and will on Sunday move into Aquarius; the sign we associate with brotherhood, equality and freedom.

This morning (CET) the Sun moved into Aries = Spring Equinox, a balancing of light and dark, and the beginning of the archetypal round through the Zodiac. Aries can be likened to the eternal child, ready to spring forth and use the power of will. The first planet it will meet in Aries is Chiron, the wounded healer, which collectively gives us an opportunity to heal the wounded child within us and dare to open up for that which is different. Maybe even helping to foster other children who lack a caretaking parent by their side.

There is hope! Keep on doing your part by spreading faith, trust and patience. New leaders will rise out of this emotional drama, leaders that will carry ethics and moral that creates peace. Phoenix rises out of the ashes! (Pluto turns retrograde in Cap on Apr 25.)