An amazing line up of the luminaries and a number of planets in Aries on Monday morning at 4.30 AM CEDT is creating an interesting start-up opportunity.

There has for the past two weeks been an activation of Chiron that pronounces the pain and agony we feel when there is a tension between our physical body and our soul. The confinement in the material world can be experienced as a stark contrast to the freedom that the soul knows and remembers.

In the new moon chart above you can see how Mercury, the messenger, a symbol of the mind, is still in contact with this wound that Chiron wants to free himself from. The way he wanted to do this was by giving up his immortality and swap places with Prometheus, the Titan who stole the fire from Olympus/the gods and gave it to humanity. That fire, light, wisdom, teaching, is obviously being passed on to the humans again, and in a painful way considering all the restrictions, face-masks, masquerade-vaccines, police brutality and what not power abuse that we see around us all over the world.

we can also see how the grain goddess Ceres in a stellium with Sun , Moon, Eris, goddess of strife and discord, and Venus brings in a tremendously strong feminine vibe in the warrior sign of Aries saying this is enough! Mothers, women, sisters, daughters together with the Sun, in his exaltation sign, are all squaring Pluto, lord of the Underworld in Capricorn, the establishment. Do you see how clear this picture is drawn when we know that thousands of years of ruling techniques are surfacing and cannot be concealed anymore!
Big corporations, big governments, the hidden oligarchs and the deep state is being squared by the feminine warrior archetype, and ironically that goes for Amazon too!

See how Mars, he who rules the sign of Aries and this new moon, is driving the train forward like a locomotive in Gemini, the Twins, sign of communication and the spreading of information. Mars is also receiving an expansion of the wisdom Jupiter in Aquarius provides him with, and on top of that a stationary Juno in Sagittarius, wife, loyal, regent in the skies is facing him (the opposition), asking him to be fair and trustworthy. But what does the square from Mars to Neptune in Pisces, who rules the Sea say? What was all happening in the Suez canal? Can we break the veil of illusion that has been created to allow the trade routes of child trafficking to go on? Well, once you see your eyes are open.

Whether you are asleep or awake there will be such interesting seeds sown in the fertile soil of the Ram. This is the sign of will power, of courage and of war. Even if we are peaceful, empathic and understanding of our fellow human beings, there is no way that we will let the madness of the ‘plandemic’ to continue! We are free sovereign beings and the real state is us and should therefore be elected by us and truly represent our will, the will of the people (Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius)!

Jay Jay Ram!