Recently I was taken back to the spellbinding construct of Tzolk’in, the innermost hub of the Mayan Calendar with its’ 20 Day signs repeated over thirteen different vibrations that equals a total of 260 days.

260 days is a fractal of the big year, 26 000 years, which is the time it takes for our solar system to revolve around its own axis. This is the base of the twelve ages corresponding to the twelve signs of the zodiac as we are now in the beginning of the Aquarian age.

When we reach the central column of the Tzolk’in, there’s a blue corridor, which in itself symbolizes creation at work. This time around we entered the corridor on December 30 2021 and will exit after January 18 2022. This is when time seems to collapse and where the future and the past are in perfect balance. These core days could be called the spine of time.

With this very brief reencounter with Mayan Time-keepers that connects us with the galactic consciousness and our brothers and sisters from the Pleiades, even if we are going through really tough challenges from our governments, I want to instill hope and faith in the upcoming days. It’s a narrow passage that we are going through. Stay focused on what you want to create because it’s easy to be sidetracked with what’s going on in the world. People are rising up for liberty, freedom of speech and a new world based on true concepts of equality and brotherhood.