In these times of great upheaval and change it is so beautiful to see the celestial movements. The dance of the planets (wanderers) against the starry canopy of myths and legends foretelling the wisdom of the ages.

The upcoming Lunar eclipse on Monday or Sunday depending on where you live is the yearly Wesak-celebration of the East.

The positioning of the Lunar Nodes with the Dragon’s tail in Scorpio and the Head in Taurus reminds us of the shedding of skin we all have to do on a collective level now. Saturn, the Lord of Karma, is squaring these nodes and the Full Moon-axis, giving extra weight and focus to how we can go about the burning of the past.

It reminds us of Sodom and Gomorra, the story of Lot’s wife who was instructed not to look back. The remnants of Scorpio can be filled with power struggles, manipulation, schemes behind locked doors and everything that pertains to the shadows.

The world is waking up to the truth behind the powers that have secretly ruled the world for thousands of years through institutions like church, papacy, science a la Darwin, governments, UN, WHO, communism, capitalism, environmentalism; so many fine words and ideals at first glance.

To move towards Taurus to find the garden of Peace where the beloved Gautama Buddha left his blessing is what is promised in the Wesak Scorpio Full Moon.

To accomplish this, we have to change our ways and let go of the wars, the fear mongering, the relinquishing of our own responsibility and power. Saturn reminds us of this, and he is still in a square with Uranus (also in Taurus) which shows how hard it is to break free from the constrains of the past, and how many still choose to only look for their own good. ‘Bread and entertainment will keep the people at bay’.

The proximity of this lunation to Algol, the dark star in the Demon’s head, further elicits how this time will expose the mob, terror, violence and also seduction with beauty that is used to lead the populace behind the light.

As Mars aligns with Neptune in Pisces, close to Jupiter who just entered Aries, we see the forces of light, the spiritual warriors, flooding the scene. Truly there is no way back to the old. Once you’ve seen the light and understand how powerful you are in your own birth right, there is just one way forward and up.

Because we are divine. Lest we forget who we are there is no stopping us and our right to inherit the earth as brothers and sisters in a community based on high values of ethics and moral.

Life doesn’t have to be hard at all. We can all share the work load and contribute with our individual gifts living in joy on much higher frequencies.

Let me remind you of the amazing work Pluto is doing (newly retrograde), from Capricorn (structures/establishment/government/big cooperation), as he is trining the Sun and Sedna. Pluto is digging up manipulation and dark agenda that is hidden within us or in the outer world.

I also wish to thank Venus and Chiron in Aries, healing the wounded child or broken heart with compassionate understanding that we are all in a sense, ‘freaks’ with all our different shapes and forms, but that we belong as equals in this Universe.

Last but not least, thank you Mercury for stopping up in your own sign Gemini, to reconsider and just trusting the path wherever it may take you. Intuition. Such a grand teacher! Right brain recovery. Time out for the rational mind to feel our way forward. He will meet with the Sun on May 21 at zero Gemini, that’s where Alcyone and the Pleiades are.

Thank you, brothers and sisters, of Light and Love. The future is bright!