The times are changing. Who would have thought that the stellium of planets in Capricorn and Aquarius would have such an impact on the world order. Well, astrologers know of these archetypes, and Capricorn does have many meanings that pertain to old age, limitation, governments, discipline, ambition, to name a few. One of the players, Pluto, has to do with death and rebirth. He started a new 39 year cycle with Saturn, who measures time, on January 12 this year. The other day (April 4-5) he started another new cycle with Jupiter, the great benign planet of wisdom, which spans over 13 years, and people were meditating all over the globe like never before. Some of you might have been around at the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987, a great global meditation that opened up the road for the end dates of the Mayan Calendar and the new age of Aquarius.

Well, we are here now. This is definitely a time when a new world is being born out of the history of power abuse, and new leaders are fostered in a we-concept that springs out of love and respect for the earth, for our mother. Equality is the game changer and we need persons like Trump to make that clear.

The full moon tomorrow on April 8 is a super moon in Libra (we) with the sun in Aries (I want). Easter/passover goes way back to Jesus and Moses (5.000 years) a history of liberation issues.

So let us celebrate life on earth while here the way we can, if possible with our loved ones despite the fear of the virus. We know that if we vibrate on our spiritual light, the common denominator, which in itself is fearlessness. We are immune to whatever hinders our particular mission in this lifetime. That we are all children of the Universe, no matter what station we’re at we must cooperate, not alienate to let a new world take form, dear sisters and brothers.

It will be very interesting to see what’s going to happen as four planets stop and station retrograde beginning with Pluto on Apr 25, and then Saturn May 11, Venus May 13, and Jupiter May 14. These planets will help us integrate and analyze the past events so that we can slow down too dramatic reactions and create peace and understanding to sow the seeds of love again.

Up on the brooms now. Hail the Moon!

Phoenix rising….
Fly me to the Moon…