Full Moon rising in archipelago of Stockholm

There is an amazing row of celestial events taking place in October through December that has caught my eye.

On Oct 2 Mercury turned direct again in his own domicile Virgo giving us a green light to move on with things that were properly digested and reevaluated to create health and to ground us with the earth’s energy. There is an integration of Neptune’s foggy mist and how this energy has cloaked so much of what’s really been going on ever since 2020. There is also an integration of Jupiter retrograding in Aries who is a crusader for higher knowledge and amplifies the discriminative work of Mercury who’s sorting out the weeds from the flowers.

Then on Oct 8 Pluto turns direct and a lot of suppressed information of power abuse, power structures in society is getting released. The picture of “Pilgrims climbing the steep steps leading to a mountain shrine”, brings to mind the amazing work we’re all doing in our endeavor to raise our consciousness. Not to get stuck in the 3D-game of right and wrong but instead looking for solutions, trusting the plan, knowing that only love is real.

The new moons are great time for seeding, as are the full moons for release. We have two eclipses on the 25th of October and the 8th of November. Just before the solar eclipse/new moon, Saturn turns direct. Another green light of going ahead with what needs to be done to create something lasting which is based in truth. This coincides with the meeting of Sun and Venus on the very last degree of Libra which is a great call for peace.

What I especially want to point out is that there are three very dynamic full moons in a row as they each pick up the energies of Chiron/wounded healer, Uranus and Mars. The lunar eclipse/full moon on Nov 8 is super powerful as it is an occultation of Uranus in Taurus – rebel force, awakening and speeding up our intuitive abilities to feel what is of value to us, to mankind, to mother earth.

But the preceding one on Oct 9 is not only illuminating our collective need to heal the inner child, to come to terms with the ego that is feeding the madness of war. In this full moon chart Pallas, the goddess of wisdom, justice, creative mind, teams up with the Black Moon in Cancer, bringing up from the deepest trenches of the Ocean our right to breathe, to roam, to share the abundance of our earth. Instead of allowing a select few to make huge profits on behalf of the masses. That is a cancer in itself that needs to be healed, not treated with Chemo therapy but with the deep knowledge that only unconditional love bestows. Fearlessness (Chiron).

It’s as if everything has prepared the stage for what’s to come. So much that needs to be exposed in plain sight in order for us to make a conscious choice. The language of love, not the language of fear. Remembering who we really are and standing up to that power – the power of I am that I am.

The Lunar eclipse of Nov 8 reinstates this theme with the picture of “A symbolical battle between “swords” the disciples of might, and “torches”, the disciples of enlightenment”. It’s going to be deeply felt across the globe and the theme of old verses new, conservative vs. progressive, confined vs. free is brought to people’s awareness more than ever.

On a side note, the preceding solar eclipse/new moon exactly aligns with a so-called secondary progressed Sun in the chart of Sweden dating back to 1523. It is of interest that the dark past of the state of Sweden cannot be hidden anymore (Scorpio), and that its place as a home of the deep state and its profound connection with wars, money-laundering, sex-trafficking and drug dealing all around the globe is surfacing.

The third full moon on Dec 8 is right on Mars, now retrograde, closest to earth, in Gemini, the sign of information, learning and communication. Imagine the god of war thwarted by the Sun in freedom loving Sagittarius. Is he going to hold on to information or release a whole tirade of propaganda in favor of feeding the cannons? Or will he be tempered by Juno in Pisces, the Queen of the heavens who desperately asks for loyalty, fidelity?

The show must go on until we, the people, choose a different path. It all begins with me and you. Where there is love, no arms can be lifted. Where eyes are filled with the vision of harmony, geometry, the balance between man and woman, the directions, nations, peoples of the world, no arms can be lifted because we know that we are all brothers and sisters. Even if we have different cultures, creeds, beliefs, we all come from the same source. Oneness.

In true spirit and with unconditional love