The current situation in the world is so interesting. For many it’s alarming. As above so below. The line up in AQU of six planets and one major asteroid in February 2021 has a link to the past some 59 years ago. That was in the middle of the cold war, JFK was the president of the USA and there was a line up of all the traditional seven planets in AQU. Now we are in what seems to be a cyberwar and DT have just been dethroned under very dubious circumstances and the world seems divided in two distinct realities. One that still believes what MSM and the authorities tell us to believe and to do, and one that wants to overthrow the tyranny of the deep state, the cabal or illuminati working through institutions such as the UN, WHO, EU, World Economic Forum etc. + the Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Oil, the Vatican, and big Banks all over the world.

To begin with Aquarius is a winter sign ruled by both Saturn the lawmaker and Uranus the lawbreaker. So in this sign there is a dichotomy between finding a way into the future that aligns with the new ideals of man and the respect for the individual’s rights and liberties. It’s a fine line between serving the collective and not getting ruled by generalized laws that confine and restrict our God-given rights to pursue happiness.

Right now Saturn is forming a hard aspect (square) with Uranus in Taurus. This will occur three times this year with exact hits on Feb 17, June 14, Dec 24. This aspect creates a tension where both forces needs to manifest; the slow building and conserving energy of Saturn in the futuristic, humanitarian and scientific sign AQU, and Uranus with his sudden enlightening force of reform and intuitive knowing is in the sign of the Bull. This in itself is a clash between Titans but also between the Father-Son archetype and since TAU and AQU are both fixed signs the tendency to hold on and not let go of the chosen path becomes even stronger.

If AQU has to do with the people, humanity, TAU has to do with resources, money and values. TAU is a traditional sign and the earth element is very hands on, practical, whereas the air element of AQU is mental and theoretical. So there is sort of struggle for values and what we own in contrast with what our governments and our supposedly idealistic leaders wants us to become. It’s not farfetched to say that Science has taken over the role that the church upheld until the 17th century as a guardian of spirituality, and then the major revolutions in the 18th century of America and France emancipated us from the dogma of Christianity with its hierarchy.
Now science has that same power to stipulate what is right to do with our resources, our bodies, communities, rules, regulations, everything has to be scientifically proven. And yet the economic interests that decide where and with what science shall be working and do research are not as obvious to see as we would like to believe unless you really follow the money.

This brings us back to AQU with its’ ideals of equality, brotherhood and freedom. With such a domination of planets; Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, Pallas Athena, and Mercury (retrograde), and the Moon joining in in Feb 10, we can all feel the need for objectivity and clear understanding of our society and how it all works.

On a side note Pluto’s transit through Capricorn 2008 – 2024 is making a deep transforming work of all the structures in everything, big and small, but maybe particularly in Government and multinational corporations, and USA have their first exact Pluto return since the declaration of independence three times in 2022. Knowing Pluto’s propensity for destruction in order to recreate we can only assume that some sort of death is facing the empire of our times and yet also echoing back to the prior empire of Rome.

All the air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius has to do with communication in different forms. AQU in one aspect symbolizes the blood in our veins, and its connection to the opposing sign Leo that rules the heart illustrates the importance of a sound and sovereign leader to pump or distribute the life force, the blood, to all the different parts of the body (the people).

If you look at it now the whole world is suffering under rules and regulations that are taken so far from the actual citizens that there is no connection between the two – the rulers and the people, and this will irrevocably lead to mass protest and some sort of revolt.
What’s going to happen when Uranus and Saturn measures their strength?

In the myth Saturn castrated his father with a scythe and threw his testicles into the ocean, and the goddess of love Aphrodite/Venus rose out of the foams as his (Uranus) last child/creation (Leo), and then the golden age begun in which Saturn reigned for a 1000 years. Well the age of AQU which started 2012-12-12 is 2160 years long and we’re only in the very beginning of it. No wonder there is great resistance to the transition into a world where democracy is a must and man must rise up to the true values of ethics and moral where everyone has the same worth.

It is also super interesting that back in 1962 Uranus was in LEO so we can see a pattern of energies in the fixed cross LEO – AQU, SCO – TAU that corresponds to the four apostles as well the four royal stars of Persia, the watchers, and biblical undertones.
Mars, the warrior, was also in AQU in the chart from 1962, the red planet is now in TAU separating from Uranus, thus also throwing square aspects to the line up in AQU. Volatile and tense it is. We do however have Pallas, the goddess of wisdom (and war) in AQU, and she has a way of avoiding open conflict with her intelligent and creative mind.

I shall stop my pen here but if you can feel these winds of change, the call for freedom from the tyranny of authorities that with the so called scientific proof want to control you and by no means have your health and well being as there motive, you’re not alone. Because these codes in our DNA from times in the past when we had to stand up and fight the oppressor, fight the bully, they are indeed being activated now.

Courage comes from the heart, and wherever you sun is in the chart that’s where you can put in your power to aid us in the fight for our undeniable rights to pursue happiness, to work, to travel, to assemble, to touch and to own our property that Gaia has put in our custody so that we may serve life and share our love with everyone and everything on and off the blue planet.