In the 12th hour as Mars and Venus dance together in the beginning of 2022

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The reasons to why we’re flying is our ability to unite. Right now Mars and Venus are walking together in a dance that is most rare because it’s stretches over a period of two and a half months. It begun at the end of January and is separating in mid April. These two planets symbolize […]

The Blue Corridor of the Maya Calendar

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Recently I was taken back to the spellbinding construct of Tzolk’in, the innermost hub of the Mayan Calendar with its’ 20 Day signs repeated over thirteen different vibrations that equals a total of 260 days. 260 days is a fractal of the big year, 26 000 years, which is the time it takes for our […]

The Aries New Moon 2021

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An amazing line up of the luminaries and a number of planets in Aries on Monday morning at 4.30 AM CEDT is creating an interesting start-up opportunity. There has for the past two weeks been an activation of Chiron that pronounces the pain and agony we feel when there is a tension between our physical […]

The Line up in Aquarius

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The current situation in the world is so interesting. For many it’s alarming. As above so below. The line up in AQU of six planets and one major asteroid in February 2021 has a link to the past some 59 years ago. That was in the middle of the cold war, JFK was the president […]

Slowing Down

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The times are changing. Who would have thought that the stellium of planets in Capricorn and Aquarius would have such an impact on the world order. Well, astrologers know of these archetypes, and Capricorn does have many meanings that pertain to old age, limitation, governments, discipline, ambition, to name a few. One of the players, […]

Spring Equinox

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Many people are raising questions about what’s morally or ethically right in this pandemic situation. A new world is being born and the resistance is always strongest just before the break through.In the past week the energies in Capricorn have been so strong and palpable, as the Moon passed over Pallas, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and […]

Pisces Lunar Cycle 2020

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It’s Such a powerful start of this lunar cycle. We can do great work now as both Mars and Saturn are strengthened and much more serving the community when they travel thru Capricorn. Do take on your challenges and put one foot down at a time, walking steady towards your goals. Of course this is […]

2020’s lineup in Capricorn

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Right now we are at the beginning of 2020 which can be likened to a mountain expedition to reach the top of Mount Everest. Enormous changes can be done. Structures can be erased and built anew on more sound foundations. The making and the breaking of the energies in Capricorn concerns all our structures and […]

Blood Red Moon Monday Morning

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Total Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon January 21, at 6:16 AM CET Geocentric perspective from Stockholm, Sweden. If the sky is clear you can see the blood red moon in the west hanging low on the horizon. All you have to do is to go out early Monday morning 6 – 7 am. There is always hope […]